Still Images

Excellent for communicating an overall mood or key aspect of architectural design, the rendered image is a great starting point for any project. Depending on the project, we will either approach these images as fully 3D or a photo montage which combines rendered elements and site photography. We have extensive experience working with local photographers to capture the best possible context photography to highlight the unique aspects of the building site.



Often for marketing purposes, animations can show how a building changes through the day, seasons, or with different use. Utilizing slow pans, time lapse, and fully 3d scenes, we can showcase your design with a compelling video.


Virtual Reality

When looking to depict what it’s like to be inside a space, virtual reality is a wonderful tool. We can create a fully immersive panorama that can be used with a variety of VR headsets.


Product Visualization

Notion Workshop shines when it comes to attention to detail, which is why we’re able to seamlessly move from working on large to small scale projects, developer ‘corner shot’ exterior images to very detailed restaurant interiors. Product visualization is a natural offshoot of that attention to detail. Whether it be a chair or a custom cladding product, we can help you show clients what your product can bring to their project.